> Different Health Care Centers Require Execution of Varied CNA Duties

Different Health Care Centers Require Execution of Varied CNA Duties

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Certified Nursing Aides are nursing professionals, trained in nursing skills essential for offering everyday nursing cares to patients in hospitals, long-term care units and other health care facilities. In the course of their employment, certified nurse aides are required to execute various types of CNA duties.

It is also necessary to understand that you may work in different types of health care facilities or perform your duties as a private duty CNA, home health aide, school nurse aide and military nurse aide but your job duties may vary depending upon the facility you are employed or on your job position.

The common responsibilities that are to be executed in various types of health care settings include:

• Count, measure and record vital signs, measure liquid intake and output and record height and weight.
• Assist in bathing, feeding, grooming and walking.
• Assist in the Activities of Daily Living
• Use Infection Control Procedures.
• Provide Safety/Emergency cares and CPR
• Meet Spiritual and Cultural Need of the Patient.
• Offer emotional support to elderly patients.
• Provide Mental Health Cares and Restorative cares.
• Data Collection and Reporting.
• Answer Call Lights.
• Clean patient's room and change bed linen
• Proper use of bed pan and catheter.
• Additional Responsibilities

You must also understand that varied CNA Jobs also require execution of different types of duties and no two types of facilities have identical duties. For example, working in different care units of the hospital require performance of job duties related to that center, whereas working in an Old Age Home needs separate set of duties, which are different than hospital responsibilities.

It is also wise to remember that your earning capacity also varies, depending upon your employed position and facility. As a Home Health Aide you may earn nominal salary, whereas working in an Intensive Care Unit of a hospital may offer you lucrative salary because, the nurse aide duties in intensive care units are full of responsibilities and more specialized as compared to home health nurse aide responsibilities, which are routine cares and common nursing duties.

Therefore, by keeping in mind these points, you can search jobs that suit you most and offer you an attractive salary. But, you must also remember that, you must execute all your CNA duties and responsibilities with a compassionate nature and humble care to patients of all age groups, because in a health care facility, you will be spending most of your shift hours with patients under your care.

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