> The Online Cat Training Center - Boredom and Depression Can Be Serious

The Online Cat Training Center - Boredom and Depression Can Be Serious

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Boredom is one of the worst threats to a cat's health. It can lead to serious problems like weak muscles, lesser immunity and in more grave cases, chronic depression and kidney problems. In fact, the sudden changes in the cat's behavior that owners fail to comprehend often lead them to think that the cat is mentally unwell. In many cases, this culminates in euthanasia or giving away of the pet. Try to take care of your beloved cat's mental health and do not just give her away because if you see the symptoms of depression.

Try these Healthy Cat Behavior Solutions

" Try to get a friend for your cat. How would you feel if you had to stay at home all day with no one to talk to? Terrible, isn't it? Then why would you make your pet, which you love so much, go through this traumatic experience day after day? Contrary to popular perception, cats are social animals and they stay happier and healthier if they have a companion. So get another cat and give your feline friend someone to play with. You do not need to worry too much either, because it is as easy to maintain two cats as one cat.

" Try to take out some time from your daily schedule and devote it to quality time with your pet. Cats love attention, especially if their owner gives it in dollops while playing. Play with your pet cat about three times a week for half an hour.

" Keep a grooming kit ready and give your cat a royal treatment with lots of love after you it has exhausted its energy by playing. They love being groomed, especially after they are tired.

" Keep certain toys and treats hidden around the house before you leave home. Your cat will have a nice time searching for all of them. Change the spots regularly so that it becomes a challenge for your cat to find them out.

" Ensure that your cat is not confined to a small space all day. Get a climbing tower or tree for your cat as they have a natural instinct to climb things and that particular exercise is very important for their health.

You can also take your cat out on walks regularly because they need to get fresh air once in a while.

" A characteristic behavior of cats is the curiosity to watch insects and birds. So give your buddy a cozy space near the window where they can settle down and observe the nature around it. This is one thing that will really make your cat happy.

" Cats love to scratch. So give them a scratcher where they will be able to exercise their natural instincts and trim their nails at the same time. In fact, the scratcher is a very good article that helps them to exercise all their important muscles and keep fit. The scratcher also functions as an article that helps them assert their own territory. It even gives you a respite from unwarranted marking with excretion in all corners of your house.

" Another very important thing that you need to take care of is the cat's food habits. Never feed your cat meat derivatives. Give them real meat and great quality food. Even if it costs a tad more than the stuff you are feeding it right now, it definitely has its advantages because keeps your cat healthy and free from diseases.

All the stuff mentioned above are basic things that every cat owner needs to take care of. Just stick to the basics and see how the behavior of your cat improves within days. Your cat will become very healthy and very happy.

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