> Weight Loss Tips From the Biggest Loser and US Olympic Training Center

Weight Loss Tips From the Biggest Loser and US Olympic Training Center

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The Biggest Loser television show can be inspiring for all of us...whether our goal is to lose excess fat or to achieve improved physical fitness there are lessons we can learn from the show...as long as we choose to get up off the couch and not just sit there watching it while eating a pint (or two) of ice cream. Recently the contestants visited the United States Olympic Training Center where they met and worked out with some world-class athletes and got lots of tips for weight loss success and achieving health and fitness goals.

Keep Going

One of the biggest take-aways I got from this episode was that it is necessary to just keep going. Don't allow injuries, falls, or set backs on the scale derail you. As a person who has suffered my share of injuries I know just how challenging it is to keep losing weight when injuries temporarily, or long-term, affect your ability to move your body. Excess weight by itself inhibits our ability to move...and we have to move in order to break that cycle.

A note to keep in mind, injured athletes like JR Celski, a star of short track skating, receive fantastic medical care and intense physical therapy. That combined with being in top physical condition prior to the injury...not to mention that this is their entire life...allows for what seem like miraculous recoveries.

Change It Up

"Pushing through" does not mean you do the same thing when you are injured that you do when you are healthy. Celski's routine while healing was different, as was that of skier Lindsay Vonn, who needed rest to help heal her shin in time to reach Olympic gold in Vancouver. Women's aerialist Emily Cook suffered a heel bruise which kept her out of recent competitions...but she was still able to make it to the finals.

Fortunately for us, we aren't subject to skate blades puncturing our thighs or crashing through slalom gates or bad landings when falling from the equivalent of multi-story buildings.

We do have our own risks and challenges, simply because of excess weight and the stress and strain that weight places on our bones, joints, and ligaments. Combine that with not being in shape and we are injury waiting to happen.

Having variety in your workout is not only important when you are healing, it also helps reduce your risk of injury in the first place. Variety is the spice of life as they say...and this spice is a big weight loss tip because it keeps you healthy and from getting bored and giving up!

Get Help

Another tip to reduce the risk of injury...so it is easier to keep going...is to be sure to increase your workouts over time. Get help to do this safely and effectively...especially if you are new to physical exercise or are obese.

If you do get injured get medical attention, physical therapy and/or a trainer to get you healed and back on track without losing your momentum.

Remember, professional athletes and Olympians get help all the time...there is no shame in it!

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